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We've been serving our clients from the Glendale area since 1995. We provide the best insurance products to help our clients protect themselves and their families in case of emergencies. Founded by Paul Arakelyan, Legacy Partners Insurance provides the following:


Glendale Client Testimonial

"I did lots of shopping around for a good insurance broker in the Glendale area. Everyone I called just wanted to get to doing the paperwork. They were in a rush to get me a quick quote and get me to just sign-up. I wanted more than that! I wanted service from an insurance agent that wants to spend more than 10 minutes with me, and get to know what I actually need. I actually needed more than just life insurance, I was looking for health insurance too. I was so glad I saw Paul Arakelyan on television. After speaking to him in person for just a few minutes, I knew he truly wanted to get me the best insurance products possible. I highly recommend Legacy Partners Insurance to anyone that needs life or health insurance. Levon B." - Anthony S. -Glendale, CA