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We've been serving our clients from the Northridge area since 1995. We provide the best insurance products to help our clients protect themselves and their families in case of emergencies. Founded by Paul Arakelyan, Legacy Partners Insurance provides the following:


Northridge Client Testimonial

"I had been living in Northridge for about three months, when a buddy of mine started talking about this life and disability insurance he got from an insurance agent to financially protect his family in case something should happen to him. It bothered me that I didn't have any type of life or disability insurance for my family, so I started shopping around for good rates. However, I quickly discovered not all insurance companies are built the same. Sure, you can get a cheap rate from a company that you've never heard of before, but will they be around when you or your family calls them 20 years from now? That is why I found Paul Arakelyan of Legacy Partners Insurance to be instrumental in helping me get the right amount of insurance coverage. I recommend Mr. Arakelyan to whoever needs insurance anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. " - Aaron G. Northridge, CA