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We've been serving our clients from the Sherman Oaks area since 1995. We provide the best insurance products to help our clients protect themselves and their families in case of emergencies. Founded by Paul Arakelyan, Legacy Partners Insurance provides the following:


Sherman Oaks Client Testimonial

"I was having a conversation with one of my tenants at my Sherman Oaks apartment building about her husband that had recently passed away and left her with nothing but bills. I waived her rent for that month, as I truly felt bad for her situation. However, her story hit home with me. I had very little life insurance for my family. I got that $50,000 policy about 18 years ago. I needed to increase the amount as $50,000 is not a lot of money nowadays. So I asked some of my relatives if they can refer anyone to me, and a couple of mentioned Legacy Partners Insurance. So I called their office and spoke to Paul Arakelyan. He was very friendly, highly professional, and certainly the most knowledge person I had ever spoken to about life insurance. He wrote a policy for me that provided ample coverage in case the worse may happen to me. If you want to protect your family, you don't have to call Paul for quote, but I certainly recommend you call him, as he will do everything he can to ensure you get the right policy that fits your budget. " - Ariel F. Sherman Oaks, CA