AD&D Insurance in Glendale, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Northridge, Van Nuys & Surrounding California Areas

None of us know what’s waiting for us in future. Forget about future, we don’t even know what’s going to happen after a couple of minutes. That is why, it is always wise to purchase an ad&d insurance (Accidental death and dismemberment) for yourself so that, your family can get some financial support after your sudden demise due to an accident. This policy will also give your family a financial back up if you lose a bodily appendage or eyesight. Hence, wait no more; find a reputed insurance agency and purchase this policy. There are numerous companies in Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Sherman Oaks that provide this insurance policy. But amongst them, there’s one agency that has managed to “stands out” and that is, Legacy Partners Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Wondering, what’s so special about our company that makes us “stand out” amongst the other insurance agencies? To know our specialties, keep reading this blog.

  • Amazing Team- Very few insurance agencies would actually give their members the credit for their towering success. But, we at Legacy Partners, truly believe that our team is solely responsible for our success. All the professionals working for us are extremely hard working. They’ll not provide you with any random insurance policy. Instead, they will know your requirements and find an apt policy accordingly.
  • Reasonable Premium Rates– If you check our ad&d policies, you’ll be amazed to see the premium rates. Why? It’s because they are unbelievably low! To check the rates, click on the option ‘accidental death insurance’, you’ll find the details of all the policies and its premium rates.
  • Variety of Policies– Unlike most of the other insurance agencies, we don’t provide just one policy option to our customers. Instead, we look for more than one policy for our customers, and help them pick the one that is perfect for them.

So, these were the three things that make our company “stand out” amongst others. To know about other specialties of our company, call us now at 1.855.966.6884.

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