Be careful with your life insurance policy  


As a customer you can always face some problems, misunderstanding and fraud in your life. But I would like to draw your attention on the frauds that you can avoid while buying a life insurance.

First of all examine all advantages and disadvantages of the policy you are willing to buy, pay attention to all the pages of the policy, as it happens that while presenting the product agents don’t print all the pages to you, and surprisingly you are getting the contract with a lot of issues that you have no idea what they are about.

Second if you are buying a universal life insurance you should clearly understand that it can never be considered as cash value policy. Why? Because in this program the insurance cost is an internal insurance cost, and if you have an insurance that is related to any indexes, stock markets etc., you should pay your attention on your policy’s guaranteed maximum monthly cost of insurance rates. Do not hesitate to call the company and ask them to explain you what is the insurance cost. What will happen if you will take out the cash? Will the payments increase later? Is there any possibility that the company would ask you to pay additional payment? What if you will not be able to pay the amounts you are asked? What will be with your policy? Will it be canceled?

Find out the answers to these questions. Be secured. You are buying insurance to secure yourself, not to waste your money and get in troubles.

If you have any questions or you need any help to review you policy, feel free to contact us.