Disability Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Life Insurance in Santa Monica, CA

Walking through Palisades Park, enjoying the ocean breeze. Taking in some rides at Pacific Park. Jogging up and down the Santa Monica Stairs. Or exploring the Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport. No doubt about it, Santa Monica has lots to offer, which is why you made it your home. Just don’t overlook another important thing that Santa Monica offers: insurance from Legacy Partners.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Santa MonicaMedicare Supplemental Insurance in Santa Monica

There are some considerable gaps in Medicare coverage, and this is why Medicare supplemental insurance is so important. There are out-of-pocket expenses, and they can be considerable. There is a deductible for each benefit period that is over $1300, and there can be very large copayments for hospital stays that exceed 60 days. Medicare supplemental insurance can fill this gap. Let Legacy Partners show you how.

Burial Insurances and Funeral Insurance 

There is no more traumatic experience than that of losing a loved one. Dealing with grief is more than enough to handle without adding the additional financial burden of final expenses. By preparing in advance, you keep your family from having to deal with the details and financial concerns of final arrangements at a time when they’re least capable of doing so. Having burial insurance could be the best gift you ever give them.

Life Insurance

You work too hard to have your family and legacy wiped out simply because you failed to put a life insurance policy in place before you died. Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, just look at term life insurance policies. But it also can last your lifetime, providing death benefits upon your passing, such as with whole life insurance policies. Contact a Legacy Partners agent today to discuss what the right policy is for you and your family.

Disability Insurance in Santa Monica, CA

Most don’t realize the very real potential of becoming disabled. A long or short-term disability can financially cripple a family. And nearly 90% of all disabilities are caused by illness, not accident. Disability insurance gives you a monthly ‘paycheck’, enabling you to continue to meet your financial obligations. Call Legacy Partners today to get this important piece of the financial puzzle in place.