Life Insurance, Burial Insurance, Funeral Insurance, and Medicare Supplement Insurance in Brentwood, CA

You know why you moved to Brentwood: the tree-lined streets and avenues beckoned you, the variety of architecture in the cozy neighborhoods enlivened you, and the neighborhood cafes and restaurants sealed the deal. Taking walks in your neighborhood reminds you daily of the great life that you have in this beautiful city nestled in the hills. Just don’t let this idyllic setting lull you into a sense of complacency when it comes to your insurance needs.

Life Insurance in Brentwood, CALife Insurance in Brentwood, CA

You intend to leave a legacy for your family, and life insurance is a key part of your plan. You bought a house that will last into your golden years, you’ve taken care of education and your retirement plans, and even planned for different trips in the future. But if you don’t have life insurance, those things could go by the wayside in a hurry. Protect your plan, protect your legacy, and get the right life insurance by calling Legacy Partners today.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is really only for those people in dangerous professions, right? High voltage electricians, people wielding chainsaws cutting down trees for a living, or those fishermen in Alaska that they make TV shows about. Not so fast, as most disabilities don’t happen because of an accident, but rather an illness, and anyone can be susceptible to an illness. Keep your legacy moving forward when you are disabled by having disability insurance and make sure that you can stay in that house in the hills. The odds are that you will end up needing disability insurance at some point in your life, and disability insurance is not expensive either. Call Legacy Partners today to learn more.

What Medicare Supplement Insurance Does For You

Medicare is a great program and helps millions, but it actually doesn’t cover everything. What is someone on Medicare supposed to do? There are still out-of-pocket expenses and other expenses that can hit you if you do not have a supplemental insurance policy. Medicare supplemental insurance is designed to fill these gaps in coverage by Medicare so that you aren’t surprised with a very large bill. Call Legacy Partners today and they can help you get supplemental insurance that fits your budget and covers the gaps.

Burial Insurance and Funeral Insurances in Brentwood, CA

When someone dies, family members are usually mentally exhausted, in a deep state of grief…and they’re asked to make financial decisions. By preparing in advance, you keep your family from having to deal with the details and financial concerns of final arrangements at a time when they’re least capable of doing so. It could be the best gift you ever give them. Call your Legacy Partners agent today for more details.