Life Insurance in North Hollywood, La Crescenta, Brentwood, Bel Air and Nearby Cities

Life insurance is a commonplace asset that many people incorporate into their long-term financial planning. Purchasing a life insurance policy is a way to protect your loved ones by providing them with the financial assistance they will require after you pass away. At Legacy Partners, our reputation is built on our ability to meet the needs of our clients in a variety of ways. We agree that integrity is the source of inspiration. At Legacy Partners, doing the right thing is just another day at the office.

Let us look below at the varieties of life insurance: Family enjoying life insurance on the beach during sunset in Burbank

Term Life Insurance

Term existence insurance policies are frequently chosen using policy buyers since they make the most sense. A time period existence insurance policy, as its name implies, is in force for a specific amount of time — often 10 to 30 years.

Whole Life Insurance

It’s designed to close on your entire life and normally works with a high level of certainty: you’ll have consistent charges and a precise death benefit. On top of that, you’ll get a coins price account, which acts as an “investment” component of the coverage. The longer the policy is in force, the more money accumulates in the coins account — on a tax-deferred basis and following the policy’s terms. If you don’t pay your taxes before you die, you’ll lose out on the death benefit, but you’ll be able to claim the coin value.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance also includes a coin-price account that grows over time, but it does it uniquely, based entirely on winning interest rates. It’s also quite adaptable, allowing the policyholder to change the costs, coin accumulation, or coverage term over time.

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