Life Insurance, Medicare Supplement, Disability Insurance, and Burial Insurance in Westwood, CA

Westwood boasts a number of well-known features that make it a great place to live. The sprawling campus of UCLA is located in Westwood. The Hammer Museum, part of the UCLA campus, features drawings and works from Paul McCarthy. The Geffen Playhouse, a historic building over 90 years old originally built by the Masons but now serving the region for more than 20 years with theater and other arts events. No matter what your interests, Westwood has a variety of sights and sounds that invite you in.

Disability Insurance in Westwood, CADisability Insurance in Westwood, CA

Even with all the great opportunities in Westwood, the need for disability insurance doesn’t go away. And it doesn’t happen just due to accidents. The facts are that the majority of disabilities end up coming from illnesses, not accidents. Disability insurance means that you can continue to live in your own home, that you can put food on the table and keep the lights on. The odds are that you will end up needing disability insurance at some point in your life, and disability insurance is not expensive either. Call Legacy Partners today to learn more.

Medicare Supplement Insurance 

While Medicare is a great program and helps millions, the simple fact is that Medicare does not cover everything. There are still out-of-pocket expenses and other expenses that can hit you if you do not have a supplemental insurance policy. Medicare supplemental insurance is designed to fill these gaps in coverage by Medicare so that you aren’t surprised with a very large bill. Legacy Partners can help you get supplemental insurance that fits your budget and covers the gaps.

Life Insurance

Everyone agrees that having life insurance is the smart move. Should something happen to you, your family will be taken care of financially with life insurance. While you can never be replaced, your income is important and should be replaced, and life insurance helps with this.

Burial Insurance and Funeral Insurance in Westwood, CA

When you pass, you don’t want your life insurance to be cut into to pay for final funeral expenses. Funerals can easily be $6,000 or more, and sometimes top $10,000 or more, not to mention other medical bills, legal fees and other potential tax liabilities. Don’t let your family end up with additional bills, get the appropriate insurances in place today before they are needed. Call your Legacy Partners agent today for more details on our funeral insurance.