Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Northbridge, Pasadena, Van Nuys, and the Surrounding Areas

Having regular health insurance and Medicare is no longer enough at present times. Even though it benefits people at large from a wide range of expenses, it still has a few gaps here and there. Therefore, one needs to look for a coverage that will bridge these and offer you a complete protection against health-related anomalies. We, at Legacy Partners, can provide you with Medicare supplemental insurance in and around areas like Glendale, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, and Van Nuys. This sort of insurance coverage is one of the retirement benefits one applies to the government every year.  

So, here we have put together a few ways in which this insurance coverage is essential for you. Take a look.  

  • Deductibles & Copayments 

Medicare comprises of 4 different sections. Part A includes inpatient hospitalization. Although being under the Medicare program, you are free from any monthly premium payment, the problem occurs when one has to make certain out-of-pocket payments. A deductible of more than $1300 is to be made for every benefit period, and there are more often than not huge copayments for hospital stays that go beyond 60 days. It is these gaps that can be rightly filled by the Medicare supplemental insurance.  

  • Outstanding Outpatient Expenses 

The expenses do not end here. Part B of the Medicare covers outpatient treatment and doctor visits. Along with a monthly premium of over $100, there is also a decent deductible. But this program only covers 80 percent of the Medicare approved physician services. The rest of the 20 percent is to be paid by the patient. That is where this sort of insurance coverage can help you.  

  • Additional Support for Part C and D 

Part C of the Medicare is provided by the private insurers while Part D consists of the prescription drug component. For both, premiums, deductibles, and copayments have to be made which cannot be merely covered by your Medicare. You need the supplemental insurance plan for support.  

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