News Letters

April Newsletter

Cancer Survivor Bought Standard Life Insurance

Yes! This week we insured a 52-year-old woman Cancer Survivor with a fully underwritten $500,000 Whole Life insurance. This does not usually happen, but through our underwriting credits we were able to get a standard rating for a cancer survivor.

Our client, whose name we will not be mentioned for privacy protection, visited us to see if she could get a small insurance policy in case her cancer was to come back and she was not able to beat it the second time.

After seeing her and asking some questions, we suggested her that she may get into a higher amount coverage, which she was very hesitant about. She decided to start with $100,000 and then if she got approved based on her medical exams and doctors’ records, we could hike up her coverage to $500,000.

We ordered all the labs, doctors and prepared all the necessary information to provide to the underwriter to make their job easier. Field underwriting by Legacy Partners was the key ingredient in this success story.

Only a person that has had such a horrible diagnosis, will understand what $500,000 protection means to them, when they were facing the disease without any coverage.


February Newsletter

Regardless where you are in life and what kind of finances you have, there is always an opportunity to better protect yourself and your loved ones.

Since February is the month of love, now you have the opportunity to protect the ones you love against life’s unexpected moments by purchasing life insurance.

You want to buy life insurance because:


  1. You love for your family.
  2. It will play an important role in your family’s overall life planning.
  3. You want to protect your loved ones financially.


Couples certainly do not think of buying a life insurance as a Valentine’s Day gift, however, it’s benefits by far extends out from any gift one can buy for his/her loved one, especially when there are children involved in the relationship.



How do you know if you need Life Insurance?


Ask the following questions to yourself.


Do I have a family       Yes / No

Do I have children       Yes / No

Do I have a mortgage  Yes / No

Am I a Co-signer on a loan?                Yes / No

Am I the bread winner in the family?   Yes / No


If your answer is Yes to any of the questions, then you need Life Insurance ASAP.





January Newsletter



2014 is over and we are looking into a great 2015!

A Message from Legacy Partners Insurance


Every year we all make New Year resolutions. We plan to exercise, lose weight, keep track of spending, create a budget, pay down credit card debt and focus on retirement.

More than 40 percent of us make resolutions but the truth is only 8 percent of us ever keep our promises.

First you need willpower and a real promise to yourself.   Since we understand that promising changes to ourselves is easy, but achieving them are not, we decided to give you few tips for you to follow. With these tips, we are hoping it should be easier to achieve all your goals for 2015.


Try To Follow Our Tips

  1. Exercise/lose weight – Do not concentrate on losing weight. Instead, look into the positive “side effects” of exercise: staying young and healthy, toning your body, look forward to summer vacations and the beach.


  1. Keep track of spending – you cannot save money if you don’t know where your money is going. Financial app,, will help you track your spending. It also has charts that will show you exactly where your money is going. By doing so, you will understand what needs to be cut down.


  1. Savings– start building cash emergency fund, which should ideally be 6 months’ salary to cover expenses in case of emergency. Start small, maybe a dollar a day and start increasing as you cut down by keeping your track of spending.


  1. Pay down credit card debt – start paying the most expensive cards which are the ones with high interest rates. Do not borrow money for things you can’t afford (or don’t really need). It gets you in trouble over the long term since instead of saving money you will be paying for credit card interest.


  1. Focus on retirement – If you are getting benefits from the company you work for, review to see if you’re taking advantage of the company’s match program. Always remember to not put all your eggs in one basket. Retirement income is going to be taxable. Look at diversifying your retirement investments.


Cars & Cigars Events


Monthly Cars & Cigars Events will be the highlight of events for 2015. If you or someone you know loves exotic cars and/or cigars, this may be a good time to get all the detail about it.


At this even you will:

Network with other small business owners and exotic car owners

Enjoy fresh rolled cigars