How does Universal Life work? can’t find in the website

222 Interest on the cash in your UL policy is credited each month at a current competitive interest rate. Interest crediting rates will never fall below the minimum amount guaranteed in your UL policy. You select the amount and frequency of your premium payments (subject to specified minimums and maximums).

You also have the ability to increase or decrease the amount of your coverage at any time – without buying a new policy (proof of insurability may be required for increase).

Kansas City Life Insurance Company also has many policy riders available that allow you to design a life insurance policy that fits your particular needs and budget. For more information, please contact a licensed Kansas City Life Insurance Company agent near you.

As long as there is adequate cash value to pay policy expenses, you can:
1. Increase premiums to accumulate cash value more rapidly or to eliminate premiums in later years
2. Decrease premiums when cash flow is a consideration
3. Stop premiums for a period of time