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If you are preparing for your elder years as a resident of Inglewood, California, long term care insurance can be part of the plan. The majority of senior citizens will need help with their activities of daily living at some point in time, and many will need nursing home care.

These facilities are exorbitantly expensive all around the country, and in our area, costs are higher than the national averages. Typical charges are well over six figures for a year in a nursing home, and costs have been rising year-by-year.  Inglewood Estate Planning

If you are thinking that you are not worried, because you will have Medicare coverage, we have some bad news for you. The Medicare program does not pay for a stay in a nursing home.

The long term care insurance Inglewood, California residents can obtain from us can provide you with peace of mind. If you ever do require nursing home care, the costs will not consume all or most of the inheritances that you would like to leave to your loved ones after you are gone.

Inglewood, California Estate Planning Expertise

Speaking of inheritances, we are also the premier resource for estate planning in this area. We can provide guidance for high net worth individuals that are exposed to the federal estate tax. Short of this, we can explain your options to you so that you make the right estate planning decisions.

For example, many people think that a last will is the best choice if you are not a multimillionaire. In fact, a revocable living trust is a better alternative for most people. One major benefit is the fact that you avoid probate when you use a living trust. A will must be admitted to probate, which is a costly and time consuming legal process.

Funeral Insurance

Final expenses can be considerable under some circumstances. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase funeral insurance. The funeral insurance Inglewood, CA clients can obtain from us will take the burden away from your family, and you can go forward with peace of mind.

Universal Life for Inglewood, California Residents

Universal life insurance can be the ideal option for many people that want to protect their families. It will pay a guaranteed monetary benefit if you pass away, and it will accumulate a cash value over the years. You can utilize this cash to keep the policy in place as you skip premium payments for a period of time. It may also be possible for you to borrow money that is held in the account.

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