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Many individuals don’t qualify for subsidized health insurance due to income restrictions and other considerations. For those who are not covered under a group policy at their place of employment, or for those who are self-employed, there’s private health insurance. The Affordable Care Act expanded access to quality health insurance but it also established guidelines that dictate the health benefits that must be included in all health insurance plans. The major difference between a private insurance (off-exchange) health plans and an on-exchange health plan is that only on-exchange plans are eligible for government subsidies. However, only certain income groups qualify for these subsidies.

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Options Tailored for Your Family

Health insurance plans include a host of coverage for a large and diverse group of health care expenses. Beyond the required coverage, these plans can include coverage that may not be of particular importance to your or your family. For example: a healthy young couple may not see the current need for prescription drug coverage, while many seniors consider it an absolute requirement.
Legacy Partners can help tailor a health insurance plan that meets your specific needs and excludes coverage that you don’t want or need. This enables you to participate in reducing the overall cost of your health insurance protection.

Most policies also offer a variety of deductible options to help lower the premiums. Other policies can be tailored to include what is often referred to as catastrophic coverage. This type of policy might include surgical procedures only.
Legacy Partners can help you design a plan that addresses your specific concerns. You can choose from a host of benefits, pick the ones that you consider important or applicable and exclude others

Options could include (but are not limited to):

  • Doctor visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Testing
  • Specialized care (cardio-vascular, respiratory, etc.)
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Medical Imaging (x-ray, CT-scan, MRI, etc.)

Having Choices Makes all the Difference

As an Independent Insurance Agency, Legacy Partners Insurance and Financial Services is positioned to offer something very important that many insurance agencies cannot: choices.

Legacy Partners has spent years developing relationships with the nation’s most respected insurance carriers: financially strong carriers who share our commitment to excellence in customer service. By building a network of many different insurance carriers, Legacy Partners offers a multitude of options.

Some carriers specialize in broad-based health insurance coverage while others specialize in specific benefit areas.
Through Legacy Partners, you have choices.

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